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    Diamond Dog, Plumstead’s Oldest Craft Brewery & Pub  

Sacred Recipe

We like to keep you on your toes with newly-featured craft beers daily. To our regular customers, you’ll know what’s good: all of it! To our new neighbors, don’t know what to drink tonight? Don’t be afraid to ask one of our expert craft beer bartenders; just like that handyman guy who lives next door and the old veteran up the block, they love to talk.

Our House

143 S. Alvarado St.

Echo Park, CA 90026


Our establishment is all about tradition, community, and bringing people together. When our founders emigrated from Germany in 1885, they brought with them craftsmanship, a jovial wit, and a thirst for friendship. We wish to extend the same consideration they had for their neighbours to our neighbours —  and, of course, the most flavorful of brews.

Featured Craft Beers

Our selection varies daily. Call to find out what’s on tap today.


Monday-Saturday  /  10AM – 11PM

Sunday / 10AM – 9PM


Monday-Saturday  / 3PM – 7PM

Sunday / 3PM – 6PM


We’ve perfected our brewing process in order to give our beer just the right amount of hop character depending on your tastes. With everything from an earthy quality to citrus twist, the recipe is in our hops. We grow our hops in the lush lands of Northern California: gorgeous, green promised land.


We use the finest quality of six-row barley, malted with magnificence, in order to create the perfect thirst-quenching concoction of complex flavor, aroma, and rich color.

"Its Friday – Our drinking day...the one that sites between our other six drinking days”

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